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Brilliant Clarity and color

Written on 01/27/2022 by Tom Glass

And Piedmont Shorts! I forgot they had flown those at some point.

Love the big old Tri-Holers!

Written on 01/27/2022 by Tom Glass

Thanks, Gary! The problem is that I could stand out there and watch them for a long time. But eventually need to go back in to work. Oh, well. ;-)

Written on 01/26/2022 by Greg Byington

Greg, how cool is that? You get to watch as they practice. It is almost like you are getting a private performance from them. Super! TYVM for sharing your good fortune with us. (Wave)

Written on 01/26/2022 by Gary Schenauer

STOL Drag Racing is the newest racing class event at the NCAR (National Championship Air Races), aka the Reno Air Races. It began in 2019 and was declared an official Racing Class for 2021; thus becoming the first new racing class in 20 years. Along with the Jet Class, Biplane Class, T-6 Class, Formula One Class, Sport Class, and Unlimited Class racing events, the STOL Drag Class exploded into instant popularity. Attendees at the 2021 NCAR saw 25 pilots compete in the drag races.
To briefly describe the race, the course is 2000 feet long and is located right in front of the audience. Two aircraft position side by side exactly as drag racers do on a racing track. When the GO signal is given, they accelerate and must go airborne before they pass a set of cones on the course. They must remain airborne until they pass a second set of cones which are a specific distance down the course. Then they must quickly land, come to a complete stop, then spin around 180 degrees and accelerate again to go airborne before repassing the cones. They stay in the air until they pass the first set of cones again. Then they land. The first one to come to a dead stop wins. As the event progresses, winners compete against each other until a champ is crowned.
It is a fabulous event to see. These pilots are none too gentle on their aircraft as they firewall the throttle to get in the air, then sideslip to slow down, smack the ground, ride the brakes to stop, then whirl around and do it again. I wish they allowed passengers. I'd LOVE to be a pax for just one race. What a rush it must be. But naturally, they want the least amount of weight so passengers are excess baggage. lol

Written on 01/26/2022 by Gary Schenauer

Oh, and Libby Army Airfield (KFHU) has the facilities they need and one of the longest runways in the SW at 12,000 ft.

Written on 01/26/2022 by Greg Byington

It is NOT a very good photo, but I wanted to show everyone what I get to see when I walk out of the building where I work on Ft. Huachuca, AZ, this week. The T-birds are here for a few days practicing. They were here about three months ago, and I think they like it here since we have nice weather (temps in the 60's, clear skies, little or no wind) and there is little to no other air traffic in this corner of AZ. Anyway, it is fun to go outside a watch them.

Written on 01/26/2022 by Greg Byington

Somehow Fairchild Metro has become confused with Gloster Meteor. Only similarity is two engines!

Written on 01/26/2022 by John Hoag

The above info is correct. The Lady Lex (aka The Gray Lady, built in the Quincy, MA, shipyard by Boston) was so heavily damaged by the Japanese during the Battle of the Coral Sea that the fires on it could not be controlled and it was scuttled on 8 May 42 by torpedoes from the US Destroyer USS Phelps. This made the USS Lexington the first US aircraft carrier to be sunk in WWII.
I cannot find any indication that T-28 aircraft were employed on the Lexington; however, I did find official US Navy information stating that the following aircraft types were used on it: Martin T9M torpedo bombers, Curtiss F6 fighters, Grumman JF Ducks, Vought Corsairs, Boeing F4Bs, and Grumman F2Fs. In addition, a Vought observation aircraft was stationed on the Lady Lex.

Written on 01/26/2022 by Gary Schenauer

I think the Lady Lex was damaged so severely in the Battle of the Coral Sea that it was scuttled by the US Navy the day after the battle. I'm not 100% positive if I am recalling my WWII info correctly so I will check to confirm if the preceding info is accurate.

Written on 01/26/2022 by Gary Schenauer


Written on 01/26/2022 by ian mcdonell

Probably ordered the aircraft in the green for tax purposes.

Written on 01/26/2022 by Ed Boock

Thanks PLC !

Written on 01/26/2022 by JM32

Hand painted, any color

Written on 01/26/2022 by Lewis Tripp

The Gimli Glider in it's final years.

Written on 01/26/2022 by Crosby Fite

edit: 5 years ago not months

Written on 01/26/2022 by Crosby Fite

hal pushpak, the picture was submitted 5 months ago and probable taken before then. Yes, the aircraft is the famed Gimli Glider and is currently scrapped after spending a few years at Pinal Airpark. Too bad it wasn't preserved, a real piece of Air Canada History.

Written on 01/26/2022 by Crosby Fite

Great profile shot of this special Gary! All 5 my friend!

Written on 01/26/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Thanks Gary! Looking forward to Spring! (Wave)

Written on 01/26/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Thanks Gary!

Written on 01/26/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Good one, thanks John

Written on 01/26/2022 by parkerlawncare


Written on 01/26/2022 by parkerlawncare

Nice perspective, thanks John

Written on 01/26/2022 by parkerlawncare

Is the paint shop an optional extra with Kodiak?

Written on 01/26/2022 by Paul Wisgerhof

Whoa is this at TUS or Davis Monthan?

Written on 01/26/2022 by Helicopters and More on YT

Wow that's neat with the snow!

Written on 01/26/2022 by Helicopters and More on YT

It's true that we see less and less of MDs, it was a good time.

Written on 01/25/2022 by Pascal Simon

Hey, Alien, howyadoin?? (Wave) Thnx for the compli. To answer your question ... what do I think? Not much. Renaming McCarran was just a suckup maneuver by our chunky monkey governor to hitch his star to Reid's political career accomplishments AND to simultaneously portray himself as sympathetic to Reid's long illness and recent passing. Absolute truth here >> When he (Steve "Buttkiss" Sisolak) took office, the VERY FIRST official proposal he made was to improve the lives of all Nevada citizens by -- (wait for it) -- renaming McCarran to Reid. Doing THAT was his #1 Priority agenda item. For him, it outweighed the importance of dealing with Covid. So as you may have noticed, in any of the comments I have made under my photos, I now refer to KLAS as the airport formerly known as McCarran International. (Grin and a Wave)

Written on 01/25/2022 by Gary Schenauer

This visit is the first time that Allegiant has brought N220NV to RNO since unveiling it with the "Ron's Gone Wrong" movie scheme.

Written on 01/25/2022 by Gary Schenauer

Thank you Darryl and Gman- very kind...I even have years prior all original colors America West here long before US Airways came along..... Im a looking

Written on 01/25/2022 by Tom Vance

That is not an E295; it's an E195.

Written on 01/25/2022 by ginervra

Great shot Gary!

Written on 01/25/2022 by Darryl Sarno

Man that MD-80 still has the DC-9 tailcone, very rare. Long Live the Mad Dog!

Written on 01/25/2022 by Alex Sullivnan

How old is this photo?? Could have been the inspiration for the Exocet?? The lead plane with the Very Rough terrain landing gear looks like a Serious hunting buggy!!

Written on 01/25/2022 by Rick Wald

This bird is Lane Merrifield's of Dragon's Den

Written on 01/25/2022 by EdmontonAviation

That's right Paul, the baskets are usually used for skis. But you can also transport all other types of luggage in it.

Written on 01/25/2022 by Daniel Rytz


Written on 01/25/2022 by micro911

Difficult snaps from that far away thru the snow. Bravos x 2. (Wave)

Written on 01/25/2022 by Gary Schenauer

Kudos for getting out there in inclement wx, Boss. Since it was "less than ideal' conditions, we're betting that no one else was out on this day except you. Five for the snap and five for having the nads to be out there. 10*!

Written on 01/25/2022 by Gary Schenauer

Just look at those lines tho...

Written on 01/25/2022 by Greg Pettis

Could be taken at SFO.

Written on 01/25/2022 by Bill Birthright II

Great shot! Not an L-21, though, right?

Written on 01/25/2022 by hal pushpak

Lead plane set up for air-to-air combat. Nice!

Written on 01/25/2022 by chugheset

@ Colton Fletcher thank you!!

Written on 01/25/2022 by daniel jef

I like your dog

Written on 01/25/2022 by Karl Lehenbauer

How come that the pic is designated a 737-100?
Who in hell painted the designation 777 on it?

Written on 01/25/2022 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

White outline and asymmetrical nose ?

Written on 01/25/2022 by James Wisely

Great shot. I miss those 'Mad Dogs'. . .

Written on 01/24/2022 by adelma

A fine tribute to a superb (future HOF) quarterback.

Written on 01/24/2022 by Gary Schenauer

what they all said !

Written on 01/24/2022 by robert anderson

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