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Great catch Ed! I miss airshows

Written on 09/21/2021 by Lonnie Penner

F16 - single engine. F15 - 2 engines.

Written on 09/21/2021 by John Sukovich

An Alaskan bush-hopper? sure looks like it

Written on 09/21/2021 by Lynn Umby

Nice afterburner catch at the proper moment!

Written on 09/21/2021 by Tom Glass


Written on 09/21/2021 by Diana Rose

Way2Go! Cool Beans Shot!

Written on 09/21/2021 by Diana Rose

Nice catch on the angle, Ed.

Written on 09/21/2021 by Diana Rose


Written on 09/20/2021 by ricardo azevedo

F-22. My nephew just got selected for training in this bird.

Written on 09/20/2021 by bbabis

A beautiful, iconic airplane . As a youngster, I don't know how many model kits of the B-17 I glued together but I'm sure it would amount to a small squadron .

Written on 09/20/2021 by ROLAND BALCH

@Bill, how does its performance compare with the original one using P&W round engines

Written on 09/20/2021 by chalet

Actually this Air Canada B789 does a multi-leg flight (YYZ-ATL-MIA-YYZ)

Written on 09/20/2021 by Samuel Matthews

Looks like a H-13 E model to a guy who flew over 2,000 hours in them. 47 was a Bell design number

Written on 09/20/2021 by CLARENCE HELLER

A wonderful shot!

Written on 09/20/2021 by John moffitt

Must be a drone...can't see any pilot!

Written on 09/20/2021 by Steve Askey

Is that a Colt or a Tri-Pacer ?

Written on 09/20/2021 by William Crooker

Is this a testing site for firefighters ?

Written on 09/20/2021 by William Crooker


Written on 09/20/2021 by Wes Sipe


Written on 09/20/2021 by John Giambone

Thanks Gary and have safe travels. I'll be looking for your pics as well (wave back)

Written on 09/20/2021 by Darryl Sarno

Magnum conversion.

Written on 09/20/2021 by Bill Bailey

@ JM32 it was a great sight to see!!!

Written on 09/20/2021 by daniel jef

EPIC !!!!

Written on 09/20/2021 by JM32


Written on 09/20/2021 by Georges Passereau


Written on 09/19/2021 by arthur683

nice plane

Written on 09/19/2021 by Michael Thorpe

@ Ned Griffin nice to hear that was a really long time ago!!!

Written on 09/19/2021 by daniel jef

@ Gavin Hughes thanks.
@ Paul Wisgerhof yup.

Written on 09/19/2021 by daniel jef

thank you Greg!!

Written on 09/19/2021 by Uwe Zinke

Wonder how much drag those tires create?
Nice shot.

Written on 09/19/2021 by James Wisely

Old bird!

Written on 09/18/2021 by HowSwedeitis

My favorite helicopter. Can do … of course all the combat
Attack choppers are my favorites also.

Written on 09/18/2021 by Wingrat

pure elegance!

Written on 09/18/2021 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

It's a year older than me and still flying. RESPECT

Written on 09/18/2021 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

That#s quite a methamorphosis of a Lear 45 into a high wing taildrager.

Written on 09/18/2021 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke

That really was the period to fly ! And that was a great machine to do it in . A true Classic seaplane.
It has earned its place in history,


Written on 09/18/2021 by Mike Curtis

Randy Pandy whines like a little girl, doesn't he.

Written on 09/18/2021 by Cole Neill

In this case, the rain helps make the picture stand out. Well done, Uwe!

Written on 09/18/2021 by Greg Byington

Gerne Ned!!

Written on 09/18/2021 by Uwe Zinke

Ausgezeichnet, Uwe! Vielen dank.

Written on 09/18/2021 by Ned Griffin

Beautiful aircraft. JFK-ZUR in Swissair DC8-62 university charter 1968. One-hour wait in taxiway behind long line.

Written on 09/18/2021 by Ned Griffin

Timeless and powerfull , the Duke .

Written on 09/18/2021 by Hans-Peter Michels

@ Qatar123 thank you!

Written on 09/18/2021 by daniel jef

@ David Ingram yea this bird is very long. and by us she used 3/4 for take off.

Written on 09/18/2021 by daniel jef

Great photo Dan. what year was this photo taken

Written on 09/18/2021 by Brett Easton

What a unique perspective of my favorite airliner. Beautiful photo! Thank you!

Written on 09/18/2021 by richard ferguson

2021 -> C-GCVL = Hélico -> Hughes 269C 1980

Written on 09/18/2021 by Dominique Desilets

Zoom, zoom.

Written on 09/17/2021 by Don Hines

I flew A340 overseas about 25 years ago (when the airplane was new) and they had only a 2 wheel center gear. The outboard gear had a lot of angle on it just before touchdown and the center gear was very solid so the airplane wouldn't make a smooth landing unless you had the nose going down just as the mains touched down (a lot like the 727 was to get a smooth landing). The A340-300 was the greatest underpowered airplane I ever flew, it could take 45 minutes to get to it's cruise altitude of FL330 or 350. Which was a problem in Europe where they want you to get there right now and wanted a 1000fpm climb rate and we could only give them 300fpm for the last maybe 3-5000ft. You couldn't get over 1000fpm climb until you were above 280 kts and that was at 10,000ft unless you could get ATC to let you speed up from the 250kt limit below 10,000ft. You don't see many A340's anymore probable because a A330-200/300 can fly about the same mission on less fuel and could climb right up to it's cruise altitude (ETOPS).

Written on 09/17/2021 by Jaffe LeTourneau

Per Cirium, N888DV, a Robinson R66, crashed and was destroyed on 9/15/2021 at 2045 local time in the Oconee National Forest, southeast of Monticello, Georgia. The 3 people aboard were killed. The accident happened in darkness.

Written on 09/17/2021 by Michael Gower

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