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Fantastic picture, Jake. Phoenix is my hometown and I always love the unique copper color of the ATC Tower. As others have noted, the 747 will always been Queen of the Skies. And PHX will ALWAYS be Sky Harbor International.

Written on 01/16/2022 by David Plummer

Nice shot, John. That's my buddy Ray who owns that Long-EZ out of HAO.

Written on 01/16/2022 by Cbro4

Great shot of The Queen

Written on 01/16/2022 by user3956

She'll always be The Queen to me

Written on 01/16/2022 by user3956

The Queen still going strong!

Written on 01/16/2022 by user3956

its not yak-11. and i dont know what it is

Written on 01/16/2022 by a a

Always thought Texas and Australia had a lot in common. Glad you enjoy our product...

Written on 01/16/2022 by skylab72

That is our very own "Maid in the Shade" B25 from the Commemorative Airforce's Airbase Arizona! Go to for more. It served in WWII out of Corsica and flew several combat missions. We take her around the country throughout the summer where folks can come tour through her and even purchase a ride!

Written on 01/16/2022 by Michael Willoughby

you bet @Jim

Written on 01/16/2022 by a mentor

@SpikeWhite: Actuallly the antenna's are INVERSELY proportional to frequency- The higher the frequencye the shorter the antenna becomes

Written on 01/16/2022 by a mentor

@Kevin Haiduk: you'll find the setting here -

Written on 01/16/2022 by Shabbir Bashar

According to my log book I flew that aircraft on 22 August 1966 w/ Lt Massi for 1.3 hrs. I agree with Robert, it was a great aircraft to fly!

Written on 01/16/2022 by Harry Weeks

Their classic livery.

Written on 01/15/2022 by John Gerty


Written on 01/15/2022 by William Crooker

for some of you that think your so bright and know everything; well let me say that isnt the sun shining on the c17; you think you have it all figured out with the shadows well i guess you still have a lot to learn. how i done it well ill keep that to myself but only the best will figure out why even the belly is lit up also which the sun will not do like that with that color of lighting.

Written on 01/15/2022 by jason noyes

claude moreau you are wrong; do your research before commenting

Written on 01/15/2022 by jason noyes

I put the photo on my computer background screen and My grandson thought it looks like a future " Cyborg Air Craft ".
Now that he mentions it .... is it from Area 51 ??

Written on 01/15/2022 by Robin Rebhan


Written on 01/15/2022 by Karl Lehenbauer

Correction: registr. should be N717DA.

Written on 01/15/2022 by Bart Groeneveld

Thanks Spike White. Understand!!!

Written on 01/15/2022 by Tom Fox

For much more information, I suggest reading "Skibirds, the adventures of the Raven Gang" by Hathaway

Written on 01/15/2022 by Karl Doll

For flying upside down?

Written on 01/15/2022 by Kelzang Jamtsho

Wow, really great looking King Air

Written on 01/15/2022 by Tom Glass

The Queen

Written on 01/15/2022 by bk zeiadi

Many Thanks

Written on 01/15/2022 by bk zeiadi

Seen in Mannix Se7 ep 3(1973), even used the real tail number when calling ATC. Lol! Nice to see still going strong!

Written on 01/15/2022 by P N

Dash 8, that's worth updating if possible

Written on 01/14/2022 by James Hooper

T-28B with the R1820 Engine. Navy Version.
I flew this plane in flight training and loved this airplane.
Night Flying
Carrier Qualification (T-28C with tailhook)
Absolutely fun to fly.

Written on 01/14/2022 by Robert Maiellaro

Wow! Photo of the week. Good job Mario.

Written on 01/14/2022 by D Kaufman

Another week and another DC-3 pic. Keep 'em coming please!

Written on 01/14/2022 by Seb Seb

Very well timed!

Written on 01/14/2022 by Ty Grogan


Written on 01/14/2022 by Aymen Tazout

The Queen!!!

Written on 01/14/2022 by user3956

Tom Fox: Antennas for High Frequency (HF) are large because length of antennas are proportional to the wavelength. HF covers a band of 3 MHz to 30 MHz which corresponds to wavelengths of 100 meters to 10 meters respectively. The middle of the VHF aviation communications band is 127.5 MHz, or a wavelength of 2.35 meters. In order for a HF antenna to have comparable performance to a VHF antenna, it would need be approximately 25 times the length of a VHF antenna.

The reason for a towel bar antenna instead of a wire antenna on a helicopter is that if the wire breaks it is going to end up in a rotor.

Written on 01/14/2022 by SpikeWhite

My first thought upon seeing this was, "photoshopped". Now I see some comments with similar thoughts. I would add....don't think AETC owns any non-training plans. Operational C17s (US) should be tailed as owned by AMC.

Written on 01/14/2022 by cverbil

Great plane, my Son flies one of those, could be that one,, since he is a pilot for Atlas Cargo in a 747-400

Written on 01/14/2022 by Mario Van severen

I love the Palmetto State flag and "Charleston" on the tail!

Written on 01/14/2022 by Michael Huggins

This is a 1941 Douglas A-26B

Written on 01/14/2022 by Jim Metzger

Beech B23

Written on 01/14/2022 by Jim Metzger

This is a Beech C23 not a B-23 dragon

Written on 01/14/2022 by Jim Metzger

The skiers are based out of KSCH Schenectady, NY. Also they do go to Iceland and Greenland. The interesting thing is that they can be converted to answer the call for our nations bidding in time of war. I live in between KALB and KSCH and I never get tired of them doing take off and landings between the two airports. Great planes and Great dedicated crews!

Written on 01/14/2022 by Robin Rebhan

Love the quad jets.

Written on 01/14/2022 by Ed Becker

So ugly it's beautiful. And as I have said before, every time I see one " I can't believe it actually flies.

Written on 01/14/2022 by Robin Rebhan

Great shot - that's a scary amount of moving hardware!

Written on 01/14/2022 by adelma

One of the best liveries around X 2 - great shot

Written on 01/14/2022 by adelma

Cranking number 3! Nice shot

Written on 01/14/2022 by adelma

Great detail!!

Written on 01/14/2022 by adelma

"You call - we haul"

Great shot of some real life-savers!

Written on 01/14/2022 by adelma

Great shot, Gary. As a friend said when he saw it - "I didn't know whether to salute it or stick a letter in it!"

Just kidding; great livery!

Written on 01/14/2022 by adelma

Thanks Mike. You would think that in this day antennas would be smaller. Why is this type used primarily on helicopters?

Written on 01/14/2022 by Tom Fox


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